NBA Commissioner David Stern Confirms Heated Discussion With DeWayne Wade

It’s October 2, 2011 and still no NBA season start date in sight. The lockout is reaching the point of no return and so are the talks between players and owners. So much so that, according to ESPN’s Rick Bucher’s sources, Dewayne Wade and NBA commissioner David Stern got into verbal heated bout during a meeting on Friday.

Apparently Stern was pointing fingers towards the players while speaking when Wade replied “You’re not pointing your finger at me. I’m not your child.”

Today, David Stern had the following to say:

“I would guess that neither of us remember, but there was a heated exchange of some kind,” Stern told reporters at a New York hotel. “I feel passionately about the system that we have and what it has delivered and what it should continue to deliver for the players and the owners. And he feels passionately too.

“And I think that if anyone should step up on that, it’s my job on behalf of the owners to make the points that need to be made.”

Yo, this is interesting shit. See, the difference between the NBA lockout and the NFL lockout is player celebrity. While the NFL is our country’s most popular sport, the NBA has the most popular players. They don’t wear helmets and the biggest stars i.e. Lebron,Kobe, D. Wade are worldwide stars.

How much leverage that gives them in these labor talks is yet to be seen. But definitely worth noting.


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