Top 10 Lines From Jay-Z’s “3 Kings” Verse

If you know the history of Jay-Z verses on Rick Ross songs, then you already knew that his verse on “3 Kings” from Ross’ upcoming album God Forgives I Don’t would be loaded with memorable lines and big money talk. Here’s a list lines that made me tap the rewind button.

10. “Murder was the case that they gave me/ I killed the Hermes store somebody save me” – Nice Snoop wordplay for a song with Dre.

9. “Had the grill in ’88/ y’all niggas is late” – Simple but true

8. “Used to shop at T.J. Maxx back in ’83/ I don’t even know if it was open then/ I ain’t know Oprah then” – This line earned an actual response from T.J. Maxx as explained here.

7. “Stuntin to the Max like wavy, oh shit/ Stuntin to the Max i’m so wavy” – First time we’ve ever heard Hov pay homage to the homie Max B(iggavelli), whose name is combination of  Biggie, Jigga and Makavelli.

6. “You ain’t gotta keep this Khaled, it’s just a freestyle” – This line is so disrespectful because it showcases how effortless the flow is.

5. “Niggas couldn’t fuck with my daughter’s room/ Niggas couldn’t walk in my daughters socks/Bansky bitches Basquiat” – Self explnatory. Blue Ivy isn’t even one yet and already Hov got rappers wanting to diss her.

4. “Fuck rap money I made more off crates/ fuck show money I spent that on drapes/ close the curtains fuck boy out my face” – First imagine the money he’s made off rap, then imagine how much he’s made off shows. Now imagine that money being spent on drapes. Now reevaluate your situation.

3. “Screaming carpe diem until I’m a dead poet/ Robin Williams shit I deserve a Golden Globe bitch/ I’ll take a Ace in the meanwhile.” – I’m a nerd so this Dead Poes Society reference wasn’t lost on me at all. If you’re not familiar, use your Google machine.

2. “Ex D-Boy used to park my Beamer/ Now look at me I can park in my own arena” – Hov actually played a role in moving an NBA team to his old borough of Brooklyn. I saw it with my own eyes while it was being built. I even took a picture.

1. “I ran through that buck fifty Live Nation fronted me/ they working on another deal they talking two hundred fifty/ I’m holding out for three/ 275 and I just might agree.” – This was the most disrespectful line on the entire joint simply because he’s talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. We all remember the $150 million deal he signed with Live Nation a few years back, so the fact that he’s basically outlining his renegotiation strategy on wax is unreal.


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