“Cuz GED, wasn’t BIG/ i got p-a-i-d that’s why my moms hate me”

Notorious BIG – “Everyday Struggle”

“Momma forgive him, I should be thinking bout Harvard/ but that’s too far away, niggas is starving”

Jay-Z – “American Dreaming”

“Shoulda finished school like my niece, then I probably wouldn’t use my piece, BLAW”

GLC – “Spaceship”

“And every pretty girl say that this the shit that she like/ so why am I in class if that’s who i’m tryna be like, so I dropout/ lessons I was taught were quick to fade/ soon as I found out that turning papers in won’t get me paid”

Drake – “Underground Kings”

“Never smelled aroma of diploma but i write the deepest rhymes”

Andre 3000 – “Git Up, Git Out”



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