Jay Electronica – Swagger Jackson’s Revenge

“Regardless who you vote for if the mind don’t grow and poverty line don’t go/ but the dope keep coming and tv keep flashing images of a sports car/then you bound for a coke war/ the meek get clowned by the coke law/ the sheep get drowned in the folklore/ and the lulled to sleep by Tom Brokaw/ Mhm what  pity/ the hope on a politician’s tongue never ever trickles down to the city”

Common – Why (Remix)

“Why is Bush acting like he trying to get Osama/ why don’t we impeach him and elect Obama?”

Jay Z – $100 Bill

“Dollars fall or her skin, some might call it sin/ politicians all move for money, what the hell are we calling them”

Jay Z – Where I’m From

“You know the place well, where the liquor stores and the base dwell/ and the government? Fuck government. Niggas politics theyselves”

Jay Z – Open Letter

“Politicians never did shit for me/ Except lie to me distort history”

“I feel like a black Republican, money I got coming in, can’t turn my back on the hood I got love for them”

Jay-Z – “Black Republican”

“I feel like a black militant taking over the government/ can’t turn my back on the hood too much love for them”

Nas – “Black Republican”

“Blame Reagan for making me into a monster/ Blame Oliver North and Iran Contra/ I ran contraband that they sponsored/ before this rhyming stuff, we was in concert”

Jay Z – “Blue Magic”


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