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*Sports* Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe To $50K One-One-One Game


With a full season under his belt ,Former Duke point guard and NBA Rookie Of The Year Kyrie Irving is wasting no time making his presence felt amongst the league veterans. Namely, the leagues most decorated player, Kobe Bryant. After a bit of trash talking Kobe and Kyrie shake on a bet to play one on one for $50,000.

Who you got?



NBA Draft Lottery

Former Duke point guard Kyrie Irving speaks with media during Tuesday night's NBA Lottery.

Remember Cleveland Owner Dan Gilbert’s temper tantrum after Lebron announced his decision last summer? If you’re Kyrie Irving, are you sure you want to play for a guy like that?

Gotta admit though that lil guy he had represent the Cavs looked pretty cool.

Even though Irving only played five games in a Duke jersey, in a point guard-driven NBA he’s the front runner to be the number one pick.