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*New Music* Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z – “3 Kings”

Sure, the title of this is 3 Kings but make no mistake, as far as verses go….there’s only one.



50 Cent Takes Beef To Next Level

The video pretty much speaks for itself. 50’s going in on Ross and Khaled and I’m not surprised at all.

After all, this is the same dude who said this:

Ask Supreme nigga 50 don’t back down

I keep it funky like fiends in a crack house

If you’re not familiar with Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, do the knowledge real quick. 50 mentions his name as if  Supreme is just some regular Joe. So to think he would back down from an issue with Rick Ross and DJ Khaled would be against the grain. 

I’ve been on a lot of comment boards at the general consensus is that 50 has gone a little too far this one. I have to disagree.

First of all it was Ross who got this whole thing started with his line on “Mafia Music.” And way before that DJ Khaled saw to it that a plethora of DJ’s including himself didn’t play G-Unit songs. 

Either way this is a major move by 50. We’ll see what happens next.

Rick Ross’ New 50 Cent Diss

Looks like the same type of animation form the 50 cartoons, but this one seems like a stretch. Like I said in the last 50/Ross post, this is where we are with rap beef in the late 2000’s.

Jay and Nas gave us “Ether” and “Takeover”, 50 and Ross give us this.

A little far on the homo side of the spectrum. And it seems like their tailoring to the kids a bit too much.


What’s Beef?

tbonesteak1I’m a firm believer that rap beefs, for the most part are counterproductive to the culture. Unless there is an actual title at stake, (i.e. the Jay and Nas beef) I have to question the point. 

But there’s an exception to every rule and this Rick Ross and 50 Cent situation is definitely one of them. It must be said that I called this one over a year when heard 50 mockingly refer to Ross as “The Boss.” Couple that with Ross’ affiliations with DJ Khaled, a sworn enemy of 50’s, and you have the foundation for a flame up. 

So last week Ross released the song “Mafia Music” supposedly from his upcoming album Deeper Than Rap. Ross dropped a line on that joint that seems to fired 50 up:

I love to pay her bills, can’t wait to pay her rent/ Curtis Jackson baby momma I ain’t asking for a cent/ Burn the house down don’t forget to buy another/ Don’t forget the gas can jealous stupid motherfucker

 I don’t plan doing the whole back forth thing thing with this beef shit so I’ll keep you posted on every round on this post right here. 

50’s response

Rick Ross’ response to 50’s

Shouts to Nah Right