“Why I gotta have religion if I believe in God?” –“Why” remix 2004

“Inspired by black Muslims and Christians/ pushing Cutlas’, dope and  other traditions” – “Chi City” 2005


“Never question that Jesus was Jewish and not a Christian / or that Christianity was law according to politicians/ who was King James? and why did he think that it was so vital to make his own version of the bible?”

“They got us thinking that Muslims like to make bombs/ Real muslims believe in paradise and resisting satan”

“Religion create division, make the Muslim hate the Christian/ make the Christian hate the Jew”

“I’m from the place where the church is the flakiest/ and niggas been praying to God so long that they atheist”

Jay-Z “Where I’m From”

“They say Jesus is a kind man, well he should understand times in this crime land”

Tupac 1996

“This life is temporary but the soul is eternal”

Mos Def – ‘Thieves in the Night”

“Religion mis-overstood is poison…White Jesus poison”

Nas- “What Goes Around”

“I rolling around in my mind it occurred/ What if God was a her?

Common – “Faithful”


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